How to make six pack abs at home

Make Six pack abs at Home: To make six pack abs at home you should to be take healthy diet or do regular exercises what I will tell you here so read the full article.

How to make six pack abs at Home

Building up an impressive, shredded set of abs will always be a top fitness goal for many guys, but there are so many disparate plans to get a six-pack it's nearly impossible to know which one to follow.

make six pack abs at Home only 4 steps

1. Cardio exercises:- In a article I already tell you about the cardio exercises the cardio exercises are running, walking, cycling and jogging do them to "make 6 pack abs at home" if you are fatty then this cardio exercises is just for you do them on regular basis from at 3-4 k.m after that do this exercise.

Abs Six pack

2. Sit ups :- Situps is also the exercise to do for "six-pack abs" if you want them do situps for 5sets of 10 times every day after cardio exercise.

6 Pack

3.Pushups:- As you know the push ups is the common exercise for all to stay healthy and for abs you should to do them but remember one thing that push-ups is not for abs it's for chest or forearms but it's important to do.


4.Crunches:- last but not the least is crunches as shown in the image given below you can see how to do crunches crunches are of many types I Explaine them in next article so right now crunches is for abdominal muscles so do them to make your abs at home.

Hope this article is hopeful.